Kevin Durant can cement his legacy by leading the Brooklyn Nets to a title

Kevin Durant (Paul Rutherford-USA TODAY Sports)
Kevin Durant (Paul Rutherford-USA TODAY Sports) /

Winning a championship with the Brooklyn Nets would cement Kevin Durant’s legacy. 

The record books may say that Kevin Durant has won two NBA championships, but his legacy is far from cemented as an all-time great.

To a certain extent, it is. If he would retire tomorrow, there’s little doubt that he would be bound for the Hall of Fame. Though, there are still plenty that believe Durant hasn’t done enough winning on his own to be considered alongside some of the other all-time greats.

It was too easy in Golden State. 

He wasn’t the best player in Golden State. 

Of course, both of those things can be argued. But, in a way, the naysayers are kind of right. Even though, in the end (if he doesn’t win anymore), two championships will still be two championships, there will be a sense of underwhelming achievements from Durant’s career if he doesn’t win another title.

Think of it similar to the way LeBron James’ legacy wasn’t cemented until he won the championship in Cleveland. His first two in Miami felt good, but the one in Cleveland was the cherry on top.

Then came the one in Los Angeles.

Durant is at that point right now. The ones in Golden State can’t be refuted, but his legacy still feels like it’s missing something. And winning one with the current incarnation of the Brooklyn Nets is exactly what could change that narrative.

Especially after the James Harden trade, Durant has an opportunity to do something special this postseason. Even though they haven’t exactly been counted out completely, Durant leading the 8-seeded Nets on a deep playoff run, potentially leading to a championship, would be one of the greatest individual performances in recent NBA history.

And this is the type of legacy-cementing championship run that Durant needs at this point in his career.

Had Harden still been on the Nets, I’m not sure this opportunity could’ve been present. However, now, the Nets are being faded, and it would take one miraculous run on the part of Durant for the Nets to make a deep run – especially considering there’s a good chance we don’t see Ben Simmons at all this season.

And we saw a little of what that could look like Thursday night when the Nets absolutely drilled the upstart Philadelphia 76ers. If Durant and the Nets do that consistently in the playoffs and this season ends with an NBA Championship, there’s no question that his legacy will be cemented as an all-time great.

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KD has a big opportunity this postseason. It will take a great effort but there’s a chance he could cement his legacy this season.