James Wiseman’s rough start to his career continues as he’s out for the year

Golden State Warriors James Wiseman (Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports)
Golden State Warriors James Wiseman (Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports) /

James Wiseman’s rough start to his career continues as the Golden State Warriors declare him out for the season. 

Before the season began, it was difficult to predict what we could expect from the Golden State Warriors. However, many believed, including myself, that a big part of their success this season was at least partly going to rely on the return of sophomore James Wiseman.

At the very least, he was at least going to play a crucial role for the team this season. After all, Wiseman was coming off a rookie season in which he started 27 of 39 games and averaged 12 points and six rebounds on 52 percent shooting from the field.

However, the Warriors made it official – Wiseman is not going to play this season and the next time we see him on the floor will hopefully be next season.

Wiseman has been trying to recover from meniscus surgery after an injury last season but the team elected to play it conservatively and give him even more time for him to fully recover. But it’s a real shame because it would’ve been interesting to see this team fully healthy with Wiseman.

That’s something we never got to see this season. Considering they’re sitting in the third seed without Wiseman, you can’t help but think just how good this team could be with a fully healthy team.

The hope is that the Warriors will get that next season, though there are more complicated issues to that. But that conversation is for another day.

Wiseman’s rough start to his career continues. Entering his third season, there will still be plenty of questions and concerns regarding his status and potential – and role with the Warriors.

Ideally, that is no longer in question in a player’s third season. However, that’s something both Wiseman and the Warriors will have to figure out.

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It’s a shame we won’t get to see Wiseman with this incarnation of Warriors this season. Though, there should be hope and excitement for Wiseman’s future.