Boston Celtics vs. Miami Heat: 3 big questions and a prediction

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The Boston Celtics and Miami Heat are set to face off in the Eastern Conference Finals; We explore 3 big questions and a prediction. 

Only two teams are left standing in the East. The Boston Celtics and Miami Heat are ready to face off in the Conference Finals. How will a young and tough Celtics team match up with a Heat squad with Veteran leadership and championship DNA?

The one-seed Miami Heat beat the Philadelphia 76ers in six games to reach the Eastern Conference Finals (ECF). Miami has now made the ECF two times in the last three seasons. Clearly, the Heat have something right going on in their franchise.

On the other hand, the two-seed Boston Celtics turned their season around in mid-January and have been an absolutely dominant force ever since. Credit to the incredible team defense that the Celtics play. They took down the reigning champion Milwaukee Bucks in seven games, including a blowout Game 7 win 109-81, at home.

I expect this series to be intense as this is a rematch of the 2020 ECF, where the Miami Heat beat the Boston Celtics in six games. The Heat would go on to lose to the Los Angeles Lakers in the Finals, so winning this series to avenge their loss is team motivation. Boston is looking to get over the hump of getting past the ECF. The Celtics have made the Conference Finals three times since 2017, with this year being the fourth.

Will Miami’s championship DNA prove to be too much for Boston, or are the Celtics ready to write their own history and send Miami packing?