NBA Trade Rumors: 6 realistic offseason swaps that would shake the league

Utah Jazz Donovan Mitchell (Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports)
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Malcolm Brogdon to the Brooklyn Nets

Malcolm Brogdon would be the ideal guard for the Brooklyn Nets. He would probably be a better fit on the team next to Ben Simmons and Kevin Durant than Seth Curry, only because of what he could provide on the defensive end while still being a 3-point shooting threat.

He could play off-ball in the event that Simmons takes a more prototypical point guard role with the team, or he could play the point guard role if Brooklyn tries to get creative and asks Simmons to play the power forward or even a small-ball center.

The Nets need to figure out a way to get back in the title picture and it probably has to start with getting more quality two-way players. And if it costs them a shooter, there’s no question they should explore this option – especially if they end up signing and trading Kyrie Irving, which sounds like a very possible outcome this summer.