NBA Trade Rumors: Miami Heat could revisit trade for John Collins

NBA Trade Rumors: According to a recent report, the Miami Heat discussed a possible trade for John Collins. And perhaps they may revisit the idea. 

All offseason long, the Miami Heat has been locked in on acquiring a superstar. It hasn’t come without effort, but the Heat has failed to land Kevin Durant or Donovan Mitchell thus far. Now that both of those ideas appear to be more pipe dream than reality, perhaps the Heat could pivot back to one of their orgiiant plans for the offseason.

According to a recent report, the Heat discussed a John Collins trade with the Atlanta Hawks – likely before they went forward with their all-out pursuit of Durant and Mitchell. Though, ESPN’s Zach Lowe says that it’s something Miami may end up revisiting.

And it does make sense.

If indeed the Heat are out on Durant and Mitchell, which seems like the consensus, perhaps it would be worth them trying to pivot back to a target such as Collins who before all this Durant and Mitchell stuff would’ve been considered a slam dunk acquisition for the Heat.

Despite all his concerns defensively, Collins is the exact type of offensive power forward that would fit next to Bam Adebayo – something that he hasn’t had at any point in his career thus far.

And with the amount of ground that the Heat has lost during the offseason thus far, it wouldn’t be the worse idea to try and make at least a small splash. Especially if they don’t want to just waste away another year of Jimmy Butler’s prime.

After all, as currently constructed, it would be surprising if the Heat could remain atop the Eastern Conference. The Boston Celtics proved that they were better last season and improved upon that roster. The Milwaukee Bucks should be healthier next season too. And the Philadelphia 76ers improved while taking one of Miami’s glue guys.

Perhaps it is time for the Heat to fall back to their John Collins pursuit.