NBA: Grading every team’s 2022 offseason through the draft, free agency

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Grading every NBA team’s offseason through the 2022 Draft and free agency period. 

The NBA’s dog days of August are nearly upon us, with the 2022 NBA Draft and free agency period pretty much on the back burner. There are still a few big-name free agents available, but it appears they could linger on the open market for a while.

Nevertheless, this is the time of the offseason when front office executives begin to take time away from their jobs with the start of training camps roughly a month away. The NBA newswire will likely slow down a bit over the next month so this remains a great time to look back at what actually transpired this offseason.

Even though Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving, or Donovan Mitchell haven’t gotten their trades yet, that doesn’t mean this was a quiet offseason by any means.

We’ll attempt to reset what happened this offseason by handing out summer grades for every team in the NBA. Did your favorite team receive a passing grade? Let’s find out.