NBA Trade Rumors: Nets hoping Kevin Durant retracts trade request

Brooklyn Nets Kevin Durant (Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports)
Brooklyn Nets Kevin Durant (Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports) /

NBA Trade Rumors: According to a recent report, the Brooklyn Nets are still holding out hope that Kevin Durant could retract his trade request.

It was the shock of the offseason when it was reported that Kevin Durant had asked the Brooklyn Nets for a trade. Since that all came to fruition or light, not much has changed and the team doesn’t appear close to a Durant trade. But it’s also kind of the elephant in the room.

You’d have to imagine that, eventually, something has to give and that this narrative would have to move forward one way or another. Especially if nothing is resolved by the time training camp rolls around.

The last thing the Nets would want heading into training camp is a Durant who doesn’t want to be there. That said, according to a recent report, Brooklyn was still holding out hope that KD would eventually retract his request.

At least for now, that hasn’t happened. Still, because of their huge asking price, there remains pessimism that the Nets even want to truly trade Durant.

And rightfully so. Why would the Nets want to be the team that trades the best player in the word, and probably for the fraction of his worth?

Brooklyn doesn’t want that on their resume and shouldn’t. This was a team that was built to win multiple championships a few years ago when they signed both Kyrie Irving and Durant in free agency and haven’t even won multiple playoff series.

So, no, it’s not surprising to see that the Nets are doing everything in their power to keep this core together and get a serious shot at winning a title. It would be a colossal disaster if the Kyrie-Durant era in Brooklyn ended with just one playoff series win in three years.

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Even if it is to no avail, the Nets should be waiting out Durant as long as humanely possible. Especially if they’re getting lowball offers in the trade market.