NBA Trade Rumors: Lakers interested in Bojan Bogdanovic, Jordan Clarkson?

NBA Utah Jazz Jordan Clarkson (Rob Gray-USA TODAY Sports)
NBA Utah Jazz Jordan Clarkson (Rob Gray-USA TODAY Sports) /

NBA Trade Rumors: The Los Angeles Lakers have a level of interest in Bojan Bogdanovic and Jordan Clarkson but want to retain flexibility.

The Los Angeles Lakers acquired Patrick Beverley but their offseason moves may not be over with. In fact, they may not even be done dealing with the Utah Jazz.

After the Jazz traded Donovan Mitchell in a blockbuster deal to the Cleveland Cavaliers, they will likely attempt to move some of the other veteran pieces (specifically Bojan Bogdanovic, Jordan Clarkson, and Mike Conley) on their roster as they fully lean into a rebuild.

The Los Angeles Lakers could pull off another trade with the Utah Jazz

And according to a recent report, the Lakers do have a level of interest in the Jazz’s veterans. Quite frankly, it’s no surprise that Los Angeles would at least be intrigued by the idea of acquiring one (or multiple) of Utah’s vets. Especially if they come with a small asking price.

Bogdanovic, Clarkson, and Conley may be past their respective prime years, but they are all players that could theoretically help the Lakers heading into this season. Of course, any move that the Lakers make from here on out would likely have to include Russell Westbrook and multiple first-round picks.

At this point, there’s no certainty that it’s something the Lakers would be interested in. The big question that they would have to ask is whether either of Utah’s veterans moves the needle for the Lakers. If you’re the Lakers, you can’t afford to use both first-round picks without receiving a player or players that will help you get back in the title picture in the Western Conference.

And it’s difficult to project what type of move would get the Lakers back into contention. Would addition by subtraction be enough for the Lakers in the West? I’m not so sure. For as good as LeBron James and Anthony Davis are, I have a hard time believing that the difference between the Lakers competing in the West vs. being a non-playoff team is the presence of Russell Westbrook.

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Nevertheless, the Lakers will continue looking for the right deal. It could include the Jazz. It may not.