NBA Trade Rumors: Milwaukee Bucks interested in Jordan Clarkson

NBA Trade Rumors: The Milwaukee Bucks are interested in Jordan Clarkson, who could add an intriguing element to the team’s bench.

As training camps begin across the league, the Milwaukee Bucks will be looking to assert themselves back on top of the Eastern Conference. After losing in the second round of the playoffs last season, the Bucks have their work cut out for them as they look for their second championship in three years.

And in a relatively wide-open Eastern Conference, the Bucks should have a solid chance of finding themselves amongst contenders this season. Especially as they continue to get healthier and healthier.

But this is also a team that could be looking to make a move or two by the NBA Trade Deadline. And that’s not surprising for contenders. One name to keep an eye on when it comes to the Bucks, according to a recent report, is Jordan Clarkson.

Trading for Jordan Clarkson could be tricky for the Milwaukee Bucks

Because of their salary cap sheet, trading for Clarkson could be tricky. As this report states, the big thing holding up a potential trade was the fact that Utah didn’t want to take on George Hill’s contract. And that will remain true even if the Bucks revisit this interest.

Thus, unless Milwaukee can find a third team to take on Hill’s salary, trading for Clarkson could prove to be difficult and unlikely for the Bucks.

From a basketball standpoint, however, Clarkson would make a ton of sense for the Bucks. He would stabilize the team’s bench unit and give this team a scorer in their second unit that they simply haven’t had recently.

Clarkson seems like a lame duck veteran on the Utah Jazz and it would be extremely surprising if he remained all season long on the team’s roster. It isn’t going to happen and he will be moved by the NBA Trade Deadline, perhaps sooner.

Clarkson averaged 16 points and four rebounds per game on 42 percent shooting from the field this past season for the Jazz. He’s become one of the league’s best scorers off the bench and has truly embraced this role over the last couple of seasons.

There’s no question that the Bucks would benefit from a player like Clarkson. However, it remains to be seen whether it’s a move that Milwaukee could actually pull off considering their circumstance.