Golden State Warriors’ future is brighter than everyone thinks it is

Jordan Poole (Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)
Jordan Poole (Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images) /

The Golden State Warriors have a brighter future than anyone realizes. 

If there’s one thing the Golden State Warriors are known for, it’s their ability to develop players that fit the franchise’s playing style. The perfect examples are Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, and Draymond Green. But they are not the only ones. Jordan Poole is the latest gem. Jonathan Kuminga, James Wiseman, and Moses Moody will be next.

For example, only Curry and Thompson averaged more points than Poole (17.0) in the last playoffs, and because of his recent growth, no one yet knows what his ceiling is. With the departures of Gary Payton II and Otto Porter, the guard will have even more minutes this season.

The Golden State Warriors’ projects are growing

To do that, he will have to improve his efficiency. Taking care of his turnover problem (2.4 in the last playoffs), continuing to find his teammates for assists, and being more efficient in scoring will be the three things he will have to apply on offense to continue to evolve.

And on defense, he still has a lot of work to do. He can look into the mirrors of Thompson and Curry for that. Klay has been a solid defender since college and Stephen disguised physical and genetic flaws with a considerable muscle gain that allows him to absorb opponents’ contact more easily.

In last year’s playoffs, every team that faced Golden State consistently attacked Poole in two ways: attacking him directly in transition and half court or looking for the switch on direct and indirect picks.

Kuminga was not as prominent, which is to be expected for a rookie on a team that aspired to win the championship. He went from averaging 16.9 minutes in the regular season to 8.6 in the playoffs.

Even so, that time was enough to show some weapons such as his physical power, talent to score near the rim, and even the ability to score three-pointers. His 33.6% in three-pointers last season was more than remarkable considering he attempted 2.1 shots per game from that area.

He moves very well without the ball, can find his teammates, provides size on defense, and can become a hybrid between Andre Iguodala and Juan Toscano-Anderson because of his great projection as a two-way player.

Like Poole, Jonathan will have to step up this season considering that he will have to replace Andrew Wiggins, Draymond Green, and even Kevon Looney at different times because of his ability to defend forwards and centers, and because of Steve Kerr’s 5-out system.

Just Iguodala opined about him recently in a chat with Dikembe Mutombo, according to Warriors on NBCS.

Andre is mentoring Jonathan, and also mentoring Moody, who worked hard this offseason to become a more consistent scorer and improve his defense. He told a Warriors Media Day talk (via NBC Sports).

"“We’ve been working on a lot. Defense is one big thing. On-ball defense, off-ball defense, getting over screens, getting under screens, figuring things out on that, finishing around the rim is something I’ve been putting a lot of emphasis on, and, all in all, shooting.”"

Finally, Wiseman is the Warriors’ quiet project. Offensively he has everything to succeed. He’s a modern center who can score near the rim, open up the court with his release, carry the ball in transition, and pass from the low post and the low post with great ease.

He missed all of last season and worked technically and physically to continue to develop, and will be the quintessential Looney replacement, especially as the playoffs approach.

Few teams in NBA history have had such a potent melting pot of established players and up-and-coming talent without too many losing years in the process. After a couple of years of losing, Golden State recovered quickly and their latest ring is their first new breath of fresh air.

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The best, as crazy as it may seem, or a pipe dream, is just beginning for the Warriors. They went for it all. They’re going for it all.