Victor Wembanyama lives up to hype in first professional game in US

In his first professional game in the United States, Victor Wembanyama continued to live up to the hype. 

During a high-profile exhibition game that featured two of the top prospects slated to headline the 2023 NBA Draft, it was Victor Wembanyama that stole the show as he continued to live up to the hype.

Victor is one of the most highly touted prospects slated to make the jump to the NBA in recent history and has been dubbed as a generational talent. At least through one game on the big stage, he certainly lived up to the billing.

Victor Wembanyama looks every bit the top overall prospect in the 2023 NBA Draft

Perhaps the most impressive thing about Victor is that there isn’t anything on the basketball court that he can’t do. He can block shots, run the floor, hit the 3, and can handle the basketball in a way that no 7-foot-4 player should be able to do.

On the night, Victor finished with 37 points, five blocks, and four rebounds. It was surreal to watch the things he was able to do with ease at his size. He’s smooth, confident, and athletic.

He gives off shades of Kristaps Porzingis, Anthony Davis, and Rudy Gobert – all put together. There’s no question that he should be No. 1 on everyone’s draft board heading into the 2023 NBA Draft.

Oh, and Scoot Henderson is pretty good too.

Henderson was the other big prospect that was featured in the high-profile exhibition game Tuesday night. Henderson, who will likely be the No. 2 ranked prospect heading into the pre-draft season, finished with 28 points, nine assists, and five rebounds.

This game between Henderson and Victor began to answer the early questions regarding the 2023 NBA Draft. At least for now, it’s Victor at No. 1, Henderson at No. 2, and then everyone else after that.

And the next few months will continue to cement that. But Victor Wembanyama looks like the real deal.