NBA Trade Rumors: Warriors are not trading Draymond Green this season

NBA Trade Rumors: At least for now, it doesn’t appear that the Golden State Warriors are planning on trading Draymond Green anytime soon.

Despite all the noise that is surrounding the Golden State Warriors as they look to defend their crown as NBA champions, it seems that it’s going to be status quo for the foreseeable future in Golden State.

At least through one game this season, all looked good. It was far from a perfect outing for the defending champs on opening night against the Los Angeles Lakers, but there was enough to suggest that this team could be dominant once again this season. And, perhaps more importantly, could win another championship.

After all, winning does cure all.

The Golden State Warriors don’t plan on breaking up roster

For now, the Warriors don’t plan on making any big changes. Even despite the fact that there may be some internal issues inside the locker room.

Per a recent report, the Warriors don’t plan on trading Draymond – a move that could have a colossal impact on their team chemistry and their chances of winning a championship this season. In the words of Zach Lowe, at least not until “something drastic happens.”

It’s understandable that the Warriors may not want to break up a championship core but then you question what the phrase, “drastic” may entail.

Lowe is one of the best in business, but if punching a teammate isn’t “drastic” then perhaps I’m missing something here.

The chance that this all blows up in the Warriors’ face is probably low. Winning in the NBA tends to hold off any big issues from blowing up. However, if the Warriors do go through a tough patch at any point this season, there’s certainly a chance for this ticking time bomb to explode.

So far so good for Golden State. And for the past decade, this is a franchise that has elevated itself to among the league’s best. But, at worst, it’s fair to question the Warriors thinking in this situation.

Could they have handled all this better? Probably. Hindsight is 20/20. But the Warriors have to sleep in the bed that they have made.

The Warriors are an interesting team that will remain in the limelight all season long. And this time, it’s not just going to be about their on-the-court play. At least for now, don’t expect any personnel changes. At some point this season, though, that could certainly change.