NBA Rumors: Will Kyrie Irving play another game with the Brooklyn Nets?

Kyrie Irving (Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports)
Kyrie Irving (Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports) /

NBA Rumors: Has Kyrie Irving played his final game with the Brooklyn Nets? 

Now that the Brooklyn Nets have suspended Kyrie Irving (for at least five games), there are still some big questions that need to be answered. Kyrie has begun to do some damage control but it’s hard to imagine that anything he does will solve the issues that the Nets have to deal with at the moment.

Kyrie may be insanely talented but there are some big questions that the organization has to answer before the thought of him even returning to action comes into play. And to make things worse, this is not the first time that Kyrie has put the organization in a bad position.

One of the big questions that the Nets will have to answer is whether this was the final straw.

If not with the Brooklyn Nets, where else will Kyrie Irving play?

As Kevin Durant told reporters, a lot of what has happened with Kyrie over the last few years could’ve been completely avoidable. Nevertheless, the bottom line is that things aren’t looking great for Kyrie’s future in the NBA.

If Kyrie does not play another game for the Nets, which based on everything that has happened this week and over the last couple of seasons, could be a very real possibility, it’s tough to see where else he could play.

It’s unlikely that the Nets will trade Kyrie. If they couldn’t find a trade for him during the offseason, it’s impossible to see one come to fruition after everything that has transpired over the last week.

Brooklyn probably isn’t going to waive him or buy him out either. If Kyrie has indeed played his final game with the Nets, it’s much more likely that he’ll either sit out the remainder of the season or he’ll be suspended (by the team) for it.

And if you agree that it’s unlikely another team will want to trade for Kyrie, you’d have to wonder if any team will be willing to offer him a lucrative contract during the offseason. Kyrie can apologize all he wants; the damage is done.

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If Kyrie has indeed played his final game for the Nets, which there is already some speculation suggesting, then that means there’s also at least a chance that he’s played his final game in the NBA.