NBA Trade Rumors: Brooklyn Nets could blow it up at trade deadline?

Brooklyn Nets (Dennis Schneidler-USA TODAY Sports)
Brooklyn Nets (Dennis Schneidler-USA TODAY Sports) /

NBA Trade Rumors: There are whispers that the Brooklyn Nets could still elect to blow up their roster at the NBA Trade Deadline.

Before the season, there were some that believed the Brooklyn Nets had the chance to be one of the top contenders to win a championship in the Eastern Conference. However, through the first few weeks of the season, they’ve been everything but that.

In fact, according to a recent report from ESPN’s Brian Windhorst, there are executives from around the league are discussing the possibility of the Nets blowing up the roster this season (presumably before the trade deadline).

Windhorst echoes that it’s something that the Nets may have to start thinking of, especially if they continue to play average to below-average basketball. Even though the Nets have won three of their last four games, they’re still just 5-7 and are not in a great spot.

Kyrie is set to return soon but you can’t help but wonder what happens if the Nets can’t recover or find their footing this season.

What has to happen for the Brooklyn Nets to get to that point?

You’d have to imagine that if the Nets continue to look average over the course of the next few weeks, into the new year, there will be some serious discussions inside that organization about what the next move could be.

At least thus far, the Nets have drastically underperformed so far this season. As talented as this roster is and can be, they haven’t been anything close to the contender that many predicted they could be this season.

Ben Simmons has looked like a player that still lacks confidence and comfort in his current role and Kyrie Irving continues to provide unnecessary distractions. Brooklyn recently fired head coach Steve Nash and named Jacque Vaughn as the team’s new head coach.

Maybe that move continues to bring some stability to the franchise. The Nets are very tough to predict but there’s no question that the next few weeks will go a long way in determining this team’s immediate to long-term future.

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And, if the Nets continue to limp their way through the season, there’s no question that this team could end up blowing things up at the trade deadline.