NBA Trade Rumors: Chicago Bulls are inching closer to hitting reset button?

Chicago Bulls head coach Billy Donovan (Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports)
Chicago Bulls head coach Billy Donovan (Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports) /

NBA Trade Rumors: Could the Chicago Bulls be inching closer to hitting the reset button? 

Over the last few weeks, because of struggles, the Chicago Bulls are a team that many around the league have been keeping a close eye on. They have a roster that is loaded with talent but so far this season, they’ve fallen well short of expectations.

Even if you already weren’t a big believer in the Bulls, you would have to imagine that this team would be better 11-18 (good for 11th in the conference) at this point in the season. Chicago has the look of a team that is lifeless most of the time and one that is simply going through the motions.

In fact, veteran Goran Dragic gave light to that after the team’s recent loss to the Minnesota Timberwolves in which they gave up 150 points.

The losing has gotten so bad that, according to a recent report, the Bulls are evaluating all options. And among the options that the Bulls are looking over or weighing is the option of a full-blown rebuild, likely an option that would have to be put into motion at the NBA Trade Deadline.

The question is, how much more losing would have to come for the Bulls to firmly get to that point?

The Chicago Bulls have shown no signs of turning the season around

The Bulls have lost 12 of their last 17 games and, specifically, the team has lost four in a row. The Bulls are clearly spiraling and there are no signs of this team turning things around.

Perhaps the only optimism that could come the Bulls’ way is the fact that Lonzo Ball may return at some point this season. But even that is not a guarantee and even if he does return, it would be extremely surprising if his impact would spark this team to make that big of a move up the East standings.

Chicago is not in a great position. They have a veteran-laden roster that hasn’t looked great together this season. A decision will have to be made at some point soon regarding this team’s future.

The Bulls have plenty of talent and if they were to get to a point where they would be willing to move a couple of their veteran pieces, they would get plenty of interest at the trade deadline.

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Will the Bulls get to that point? We shall find out together.