NBA Trade Rumors: Rockets ‘finally’ ready to move on from Eric Gordon?

Houston Rockets Eric Gordon (Andrew Wevers-USA TODAY Sports)
Houston Rockets Eric Gordon (Andrew Wevers-USA TODAY Sports) /

NBA Trade Rumors: The Houston Rockets may finally move Eric Gordon at the trade deadline. In fact, I’d argue that they have to. 

The Houston Rockets may not have much to play for this season (other than the continued development of their young core), but there are many teams that are keeping a close eye on the availability of one of their veterans – Eric Gordon.

Gordon is not a new entrant in the NBA’s rumor mill. But at 33 years old, he will likely be a hot commodity (if the Rockets make him available) at the trade deadline. However, heading into the NBA Trade Deadline, the big question is whether or not Houston will actually move forward in moving him.

But, according to a recent report, after years of rumors, this may finally be the year that the Rockets trade Gordon.

It would make no sense if the Houston Rockets didn’t trade Eric Gordon

At least in my opinion, it would make very little sense for the Rockets to not trade Gordon at the NBA Trade Deadline. Gordon is a soon-to-be 34-year-old that likely only has 2-3 seasons left in his career. He holds more value on a contending team and is essentially waiting around for development that may or may not happen over the next couple of seasons in Houston.

From the Rockets’ perspective, if they want to capitalize on the asset that Gordon represents, now would be the ideal time to move him. Because he has a team option for next season, the Rockets could wait until then to trade him, but he would lose value on the open market (perhaps) because he’s essentially a rental for sure at that point.

Right now, Gordon is essentially a player with two years left on his contract without the financial burden of a second year. That holds tremendous value for a team trying to move a player to a contender.

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We’ll see if the Rockets decide to trade him at the deadline or not but it seems to be that this should finally be the season where they have to trade him. If not now, then perhaps they won’t ever trade him. Maybe he’ll retire in Houston if not.