Brooklyn Nets: 3 reasons why the Nets could win the 2023 NBA title

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The Brooklyn Nets’ defense appears for real

In the two years that Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving have been healthy for the Brooklyn Nets, there has been one constant with this team – their elite offense. During the 2020-21 season when the Nets lost to the Milwaukee Bucks by a toe, Brooklyn’s defense was viewed as the team’s Achilles heel.

Last season they were a mess on that end of the floor too. However, this season, even if you consider the disaster that was the team’s first eight games, the Nets have a top-10 defensive unit. That’s not something KD and Kyrie have ever had during their time in Brooklyn. During their 24-7 run, they’ve been even better.

If – and this is a big “if” – their defense is as real as it would appear so far this season, there’s no question that is something that could push this team over the top. With Kyrie and KD, the offense is always a given. If this dynamic duo finally has a consistent defense, watch out.