Proposed B/R trade would solidify Brooklyn Nets’ championship hopes

Zach Collins (Daniel Dunn-USA TODAY Sports)
Zach Collins (Daniel Dunn-USA TODAY Sports) /
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The proposed trade by B/R for the Brooklyn Nets

To the surprise of no one, the San Antonio Spurs are likely a team that could end up moving a few of their veteran pieces ahead of next week’s NBA Trade Deadline. Josh Richardson and Zach Collins are two players that could end up demanding plenty of interest. So it would not be surprising at all if the Spurs elected to trade them.

If so, the Nets should absolutely be interested. Especially considering the Nets are looking for a power forward that could play behind or alongside Nic Claxton and it would be smart for them to also add another two-way player for depth purposes. And Richardson would be an excellent target for such a role.

And the Nets actually do have some appealing pieces. Joe Harris is a solid player still at this point in his career and could be viewed as a potential future asset that the Spurs could cash in perhaps next season (when he’s an expiring contract).

Patty Mills could also provide some similar value to the Spurs and it doesn’t hurt that he played 10 seasons of his career in San Antonio. To add some spice to the deal, or make it worth if for the Spurs, the Nets would add one of the first-round picks that came over from Philadelphia in the Ben Simmons deal.