NBA Trade Rumors: Kyrie Irving demands trade ahead of next week’s deadline

Kyrie Irving (Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports)
Kyrie Irving (Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports) /

NBA Trade Rumors: Less than a week before the NBA Trade Deadline, Kyrie Irving drops a bomb by demanding a trade from the Brooklyn Nets.

Just when it seemed as if it was all beginning to come together for the Brooklyn Nets this season, a bomb has been dropped on the team that could possibly blow up their entire season and end the team’s hopes of winning a championship this year.

According to a recent report, Kyrie Irving has asked the Nets to trade him ahead of next week’s NBA Trade Deadline. Essentially, after failing to reach a contract extension agreement with the team, Kyrie has demanded a trade.

While this news is far from surprising, the timing of a trade demand from Kyrie couldn’t have come at a worse time for the team. In an attempt to try to win a championship, this is the last thing that the Nets should have to deal with. Nevertheless, it seems that Kyrie either wants his guaranteed contract extension or he’d rather move on from the team now (and not have to wait until the offseason).

And just days before the trade deadline, here we are.

How will the Brooklyn Nets handle this trade demand from Kyrie Irving?

The Nets are back in a difficult situation. And I’m not sure how they’ll handle it. Quite frankly, I’m not sure there’s a great way to do so. Ideally, the Nets would simply call Kyrie’s bluff and try to win a championship this season. Though, that could be easier said than done. Especially considering how unpredictable Kyrie can be.

Plus, we don’t really know how Kevin Durant feels about all this and that could only trigger what was an issue during the offseason.

On the court, Kyrie is one of the most dynamic players in the game. I don’t think that can be argued. But over the last few seasons, he’s been more than a handful off the court. And that’s something that the Nets clearly aren’t willing to break the bank for.

The next few days in Brooklyn should be quite interesting. And you can’t help but wonder what the next domino will be to fall. The Nets have a game Saturday afternoon against the Washington Wizards.

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Will Kyrie sit that game out; will he hold out at all? How does this impact KD at all? The Nets, once again, have more questions than answers at this point. But the NBA Trade Deadline should give us some added clarity surrounding this team moving forward. Buckle up.