NBA Trade Rumors: 4 teams that should target Kyrie Irving after recent trade demand

Brooklyn Nets Kyrie Irving (Vincent Carchietta-USA TODAY Sports)
Brooklyn Nets Kyrie Irving (Vincent Carchietta-USA TODAY Sports) /
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Kyrie Irving
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NBA Trade Rumors: Exploring four teams that should target Kyrie Irving at the trade deadline after his most recent trade demand.

The NBA Trade Deadline just got even more intriguing. Less than a week away, there were already plenty of interesting storylines that were beginning to develop. But those storylines just got pushed aside after Kyrie Irving dropped a bomb on the league.

Kyrie has officially demanded a trade away from the Brooklyn Nets. And according to a recent report, he wants to be moved ahead of the trade deadline. The Nets are now in a difficult situation that I’m not sure how they’ll handle. Though, it will absolutely make the trade deadline that much more entertaining.

There’s no guarantee that the Brooklyn Nets will trade Kyrie Irving

Even though Kyrie has demanded a trade, I think it’s important to point out that there’s no guarantee that the Nets will appease Kyrie and trade him. They didn’t do so for Kevin Durant during the offseason and perhaps they use the same tactic here. Of course, the difficulty is that this is all happening in-season.

The next few days should be telling. We don’t exactly know what the outcome will be, but there should be plenty of suitors for Kyrie. Let’s explore four teams that should be interested in a disgruntled Kyrie Irving ahead of the NBA Trade Deadline.