NBA Rumors: Ja Morant could be away from the Memphis Grizzlies for ‘weeks’

Memphis Grizzlies Ja Morant (David Berding-USA TODAY Sports)
Memphis Grizzlies Ja Morant (David Berding-USA TODAY Sports) /

NBA Rumors: As the investigation around Ja Morant continues to evolve, there’s a belief that he could be away from the Memphis Grizzlies for weeks.

Over the past couple of seasons, the Memphis Grizzlies have emerged as one of the most exciting (and successful) teams in the Western Conference. And this season was no different. In fact, even up to this moment, the Grizzlies are projected to enter the playoffs as the second seed in the Western Conference.

That was until a Ja Morant suspension put all of that, including the team’s playoff hopes, in jeopardy. Morant was suspended for at least two games by the Grizzlies after he appeared to flash a gun in a social media video over the weekend. It was a culmination of troubling reports that had surfaced involving Morant. At least for now, the team maintains that there’s no timetable for a possible Morant return.

There were whispers that a teammate or some of his teammates called on the team for stricter discipline. It’s unclear if that directly led to the Grizzlies sending Morant away from the team, but it’s certainly something that can’t really be ignored at his point.

And you’d have to include that into the discussion when trying to predict when Morant could rejoin the team. According to a recent report, there’s a chance that Morant is away from the team for weeks.

It’s tough to predict when Ja Morant will return to the Memphis Grizzlies’ lineup

But one of the biggest reasons why it’s almost impossible to predict when Morant could return is the fact that the NBA and Colorado police have launched their own investigations recently. While there could be some legal implications, Morant could also be facing a possible fine or suspension from the league.

You’d have to imagine that before a possible return from the Grizzlies is even considered that the league (and possibly the Colorado police) would have to clear Morant from any wrongdoing. Again, I’m not telling the Grizzlies how to run their organization, but you’d have to imagine that would be the baseline.

The next few weeks could be telling for the Grizzlies. This is an unfortunate situation all around and you have to hope that Morant is able to adjust whatever needs adjusting. I’m not really sure what’s going on with Morant but the hope is that he can get back to being an electric basketball player (and just that).

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How this season will end for the Grizzlies largely will depend on when – or if – Morant is able to return. At this point, I wouldn’t say that’s a guarantee.