NBA Trade Rumors: 5 teams that should try to pry Jaylen Brown out of Boston

Boston Celtics Jaylen Brown (Nick Wosika-USA TODAY Sports)
Boston Celtics Jaylen Brown (Nick Wosika-USA TODAY Sports) /
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NBA Trade Rumors: Exploring 5 teams that should try to steal Jaylen Brown away from the Boston Celtics this offseason. 

The next couple of months could go a long way in determining what the Boston Celtics‘ future is going to look like. This is a team that many expect to be a household contender for a long time but as we know in the NBA, that is never a certainty.

And Jaylen Brown’s recent comments about his future didn’t make any of that any clearer.

Jaylen Brown was unnecessarily mysterious about his future with the Boston Celtics

The one thing that I can’t seem to get over when it comes to Brown and this potential storyline heading into the offseason is the fact that he didn’t need to say anything. He could’ve just said what everyone else says when asked similar questions – that he wants to be a Celtic for the rest of his career.

He made a mess and it was completely unnecessary. And now, it has me thinking about whether Brown did so purposely. Heading into the offseason, this story is only going to get bigger. Even more so if the Celtics don’t end up winning the NBA championship. Assuming that’s going to be the case, we explore five teams that should try to insert themselves as a potential landing spot (via trade) for Jaylen Brown this summer.

New  Orleans Pelicans

The New Orleans Pelicans are a team that should be interested in any star-level player that becomes available during the offseason. This is a team that is close to taking a big step forward in the Western Conference and could likely be a veteran star away from doing so.

Jaylen Brown would be a great fit on this team on both ends of the floor and would legitimize this team to a certain extent. If Brown is shopped, whether publically or secretly, it would be surprising if the Pelicans were linked to him.