NBA Trade Rumors: 5 teams that should try to pry Jaylen Brown out of Boston

Boston Celtics Jaylen Brown (Nick Wosika-USA TODAY Sports)
Boston Celtics Jaylen Brown (Nick Wosika-USA TODAY Sports) /
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Memphis Grizzlies

Depending on how they perform in the NBA Playoffs, there’s a chance that the Memphis Grizzlies could enter the offseason aggressively. If the Grizzlies fail to make the Western Conference Finals or, worse, lose in the first round of the playoffs, there’s a chance this team elects to be aggressive in attempting to add a veteran star. And if they do get to that point where they feel they’re ready for such a gamble, Jaylen Brown would be an excellent fit.

He’d be great next to Ja Morant and would give this team a legit scoring threat at the small forward position next to Desmond Bane. Memphis has a big decision to make with Dillon Brooks this season and a similar one soon after with Bane. Maybe the Grizzlies elect to pair them up and send them to Boston for Brown?

This may finally be the time when the Grizzlies are in a position where they’re ready to make a big splash. Morant, if he can stay out of trouble, seems to be a superstar and this supporting cast is good enough to win big. It seems that all the Grizzlies are missing is a second star. Maybe Brown is the piece that puts them over the top?