NBA Rumors: Mavs concerned Luka Doncic could demand trade soon?

Luka Doncic (Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports)
Luka Doncic (Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports) /

NBA Rumors: Recent reporting suggests that the Dallas Mavericks are concerned that Luka Doncic could end up demanding a trade soon.

A year after making a run to the Western Conference Finals, the Dallas Mavericks will not be participating in the NBA Playoffs. Instead, the team will be hoping that they are able to retain their projected top 10 first-round pick as they head into the offseason trying to find a way to recover from such a disappointing season.

But it gets worse.

A recent report suggests that there is fear inside the Mavs organization that Luka could end up demanding a trade from the team as soon as the 2024 offseason. If there is any credence to any of that, that means Dallas is heading into an increasingly important offseason. One perhaps that could end up having huge implications for their future.

The Dallas Mavericks have a huge offseason ahead of them

Looking at the options that the Mavs may have on the table, though, it’ll be interesting to see how the team operates this offseason. My concern with the Mavs is that I think there’s a good chance that their primary focus on the offseason ends up being trying to re-sign Kyrie Irving. And considering how poorly that experiment has gone since the NBA Trade Deadline, you’d have to wonder if that faulty thinking may end up costing the Mavs in the grand scheme of their build.

All of this is moot if this is the path that Luka wants the Mavs to go down. And it’s impossible to say either way at the moment.

It’s unfortunate that as soon as the Mavs looked like they were making strides in the Western Conference, they lose one of their best players to free agency. And then they make a big move to try and replace said player and such a move is looking more and more like a mistake.

It’s tough to say where the Mavs go from here but it’s becoming quite clear that they don’t have much wiggle room. Dallas needs to figure out how to improve the roster and get back to a place where they can compete in the West. The fact that they didn’t even qualify for the Play-In Tournament this season is a huge step back.

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The clock is ticking for the Mavs. And there’s no guarantee that Luka is completely bought in. It’s a troubling place to be for the franchise heading into the offseason.