NBA Mock Draft: Ranking the top 10 point guard prospects of the 2023 class

NBA Draft prospect Scoot Henderson (Lucas Peltier-USA TODAY Sports)
NBA Draft prospect Scoot Henderson (Lucas Peltier-USA TODAY Sports) /
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NBA Mock Draft: Breaking down the point guard position of the 2023 NBA Draft class

With the 2023 NBA Draft, which is set for June 23, less than two months away officially, the intrigue surrounding the next crop of NBA stars is hard not to get excited about. Especially if you’re a fan of a team that has already been eliminated from the NBA Playoffs or if your team is preparing to make a selection in the lottery.

We know what is the big prize atop this draft class but there is so much more to the 2023 NBA Draft than just Victor Wembanyama. For as great and generational as he may end up being, it would be a crime to not value this class beyond Victor.

And starting with the point guard position, there should be plenty of intrigue surrounding the talent at this specific position. Let’s rank the 10 best point guards of the 2023 NBA Draft class.

10. Marcus Sasser, Houston

As one of the most productive and experienced point guards, it’ll be interesting to see if Marcus Sasser ends up being drafted. The hope is that he will get a shot either way. During his senior season at Houston, Sasser averaged 17 points and three assists on 38 percent shooting from 3-point range.

Despite his natural scoring ability, there are many reasons why Sasser is not higher on this list. For one, he’s a bit undersized at 6-foot-2 and is not a natural point guard. If he was 6-foot-4 or 6-foot-5, he’d probably be a shooting guard in this draft class. Additionally, there’s no guarantee that he’ll be a difference-making playmaker at the next level.