NBA Trade Rumors: Houston Rockets open to idea of trading Jalen Green for star

Houston Rockets Jalen Green ( Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports)
Houston Rockets Jalen Green ( Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports) /

NBA Trade Rumors: The Houston Rockets are eyeing a big move during the offseason. 

The Houston Rockets are coming off another difficult season. Heading into the offseason, though, the hope is that this team can shake off their lack of success the last few seasons and make necessary improvements during the offseason to make a return to relevancy in the Western Conference.

Part of that plan is being extremely aggressive when it comes to free agency and the offseason trade market. They’ve already been linked to targeting stars via trade and that could just be the tip of the iceberg. The question is, can the Rockets pull off a move for a big star? It seems like they’re willing to go all-in on that possibility.

According to a recent report, the Rockets are open to the idea of including Jalen Green in a trade package for a star this offseason. Green is coming off a sophomore season in which he averaged 22 points, four rebounds, and four assists on 42 percent shooting from the field.

Would trading Jalen Green make sense for the Houston Rockets?

On one hand, I fully agree. If the Rockets are going to land a superstar via trade, you’re probably going to have to part ways with some talent. And Green is probably one of those players that are going to be a key part of any blockbuster deal. At the same time, don’t you hope that Green can be that superstar player for you?

Or at least, that should be the expectation considering the Rockets did invest a second overall pick in him during the 2021 NBA Draft. The fact that after just two seasons, Houston would be ready to move on from Green tells us one of two things.

Either the Rockets don’t believe that Green is ever going to be a star player in this league or they’re really, really tired of the losing and are willing to sacrifice the team’s long-term potential for some win-now gratification.

No matter which it is, it’s not exactly “great.”

Nevertheless, with the way the reporting is trending, it seems that the Rockets are ready to make a big move during the offseason. And they might be willing to make a move whatever the cost. If Green is not off the table, there’s probably no one on this roster that is.

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The Rockets could be in for a chaotic offseason. And I’m all here for it.