5 Pressing questions Atlanta Hawks must answer before 2023-24

Atlanta Hawks duo (Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images)
Atlanta Hawks duo (Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images) /
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The Atlanta Hawks underachieved this season (going 41-41 overall), but then gave their fans some hope in how they played down the stretch in their 1st round playoff series against the Celtics. The Hawks are still chasing the level they were at in 2021, and now face another offseason with some major questions. With Quin Snyder now at the helm, a very important offseason is on the horizon.

Speaking of the playoffs, one thing that also must be waded through is how much weight is put on the six-game Celtics playoff series (and the play-in victory over the Heat), and how much that weighs against an 82-game regular season. And as mentioned later, how a player played before and after the coaching change must also be taken into consideration.

Some things are evident as ways the Hawks must improve (for instance, POA (point-of-attack) defense and 3-point shooting). However, the following questions are ones that the Hawks must address, and will likely determine how the franchise looks into fixing those issues and trying to improve from a team that had to work their way out of the play-in for the second straight season.