Why Cam Whitmore is the ideal pick for Detroit Pistons in 2023 NBA Draft

NBA Draft prospect Cam Whitmore (Kyle Ross-USA TODAY Sports)
NBA Draft prospect Cam Whitmore (Kyle Ross-USA TODAY Sports) /

Cam Whitmore is the perfect consolation prize for the Detroit Pistons. 

The Detroit Pistons had major hopes of snagging Victor Wembanyama in the 2023 NBA Draft. After finishing with the worst record in the NBA, the Pistons were tied for the highest percentage (14%) to acquire the first pick in this upcoming draft.

Unfortunately, Detroit ended up with the 5th pick instead. But they could end up with an excellent consolation prize in Cam Whitmore, who the team should absolutely select when they go on the clock in the draft.

Cam Whitmore is a 6-foot-7 wing who enters the draft after playing his freshmen year at Villanova. Whitmore averaged 13 points and 5 rebounds per contest, and he also received the Big East Rookie Of The Year award.

Although his stats are impressive for freshmen, they don’t jump out at you. But don’t be fooled, Cam has the potential to be a fantastic player in the NBA, and Detroit would be a great place for him to fulfill his potential.

What makes Cam Whitmore so special

At 6-foot-7, Whitmore has the ideal length for an NBA wing, but at 230 pounds, he also has elite strength. You’d think being that big would slow him down, but it actually does quite the opposite. He’s one of the most explosive players in the entire draft.

His size and athleticism allow him to be a fierce driver to the rim. He bullies people out of the way, and he can covert around the bucket at a high rate. This strength and quickness combo also allows him to be an elite on-ball defender, which is a skill every NBA team is dying to see in a young player.

Whitmore has even shown the ability to stretch the floor from 3, at a respectable 34 percent. His jumper is a little slow which is a small concern, but it’s very smooth, and speeding it up shouldn’t be a major issue.

Cam’s size and athleticism, along with his emerging jumper, make him a superb fit in the Pistons’ young core.

Why Cam Whitmore is the perfect fit for the Detroit Pistons

The Pistons are a team who have great pieces to build at the guard positions, like Jaden Ivey and Cade Cunningham. And they’re also loaded with young bigs, Jalen Duren, James Wiseman, Marvin Bagley, and Isaiah Stewart. But the one place they lack young talent is at the small forward position, and that’s where Whitmore fits right in.

The Pistons currently still have Bojan Bogdanovic that starts at small forward most nights. And while he’s a great player, he’s someone that will eventually make way for a younger talent like Whitmore. Luckily, Cam’s skills fit perfectly at small forward with Detroit.

The Pistons already have Ivey and Cade to handle the ball. Fortunately, Whitmore is an excellent cutter off the ball. And he’ll feed off of lobs and slot cuts from those guys all day long. With his improved 3-point shooting, he adds another tool that makes him great off-ball. As I mentioned before, Cam is a strong long defender. With a 6-foot-9 wingspan, he has a true upside as a defender at the next level as well.

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Whitmore is no Victor Wembanyama in any fashion. But he is a player that has the potential to be a mainstay on this bright young Detroit Pistons core.