NBA Rumors: Phoenix Suns’ coaching search is down to three candidates?

Doc Rivers (Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports)
Doc Rivers (Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports) /

NBA Rumors: A recent report suggests that the Phoenix Suns’ head coaching search is down to three candidates.

The Phoenix Suns‘ best shot to win an NBA Championship was always going to be heading into the 2023-24 season. After acquiring Kevin Durant at the NBA Trade Deadline, it would’ve been a pleasant surprise to see the team make a deep playoff run in this year’s postseason. However, that was never reasonable.

And the buzzsaw that the Denver Nuggets was proved to be too much for the Suns to overcome in the Western Conference semifinals. Despite the fact that the team decided to part ways with its head coach after the playoff loss to the Nuggets, this is still a team that is viewed by many as a budding championship contender.

Hiring the right head coach could make all the difference that the team needs heading into next season. According to a recent report, the Suns have settled in on three top candidates – Kevin Young (Phoenix Suns), Doc Rivers (recently fired from Philadelphia 76ers), and Frank Vogel (last coached with the Los Angeles Lakers during the 2021-22 season).

Who would be the right fit for the Phoenix Suns?

Predicting which candidate would be the right fit for the Suns is almost impossible. And it would mainly depend on what the Suns are looking for when it comes to a new head coach. It’s pretty easy to see why Rivers and Vogel are being considered. They have both been successful in the NBA and are extremely experienced, and you kind of know what you’re getting with both of them.

Young is the wild card. He’s the young coaching candidate that is ready for a chance to prove himself but would also be considered a gamble considering he’ll be asked to come in and mold the Suns into a championship contender right away.

That could be a real dilemma that the team is working through as they make a final decision.

Either way, there’s no question that whoever the Suns hire as their new head coach will be under immense pressure to deliver a championship. But that could just be the start of the Suns’ offseason.

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Even after they hire their next head coach, there’s a belief that the Suns could also make some additional changes to their roster, which needs some retooling after the blockbuster move for KD – with Deandre Ayton at the center of the team’s possibilities.