NBA Trade Rumors: 5 Realistic, 5 unrealistic draft day trade possibilities

NBA New Orleans Pelicans Zion Williamson (Stephen Lew-USA TODAY Sports)
NBA New Orleans Pelicans Zion Williamson (Stephen Lew-USA TODAY Sports) /
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NBA Trade Rumors: As the NBA Draft quickly approaches, we explore some realistic and unrealistic possibilities. 

The 2023 NBA Draft is nearly here and NBA transaction season is very much in tow. With the NBA Draft less than a week away, the next few days could shape up to be extremely chaotic (and entertaining) for NBA fans.

The trade rumor mill is running rampant and there are many league-shifting possibilities that could end up developing in the next few days. The big question is tempering expectations. The “what if” is generally always better than the “actual.”

In an attempt to do that, we will go through five realistic and five unrealistic trade possibilities that could develop at the NBA Draft.

Realistic – A team moves into the top 3

With as much certainty that revolves around the San Antonio Spurs and Victor Wembanyama, there is so much that needs to be decided after that. And one of the recent rumors that have gained steam recently is the whispers that a team could trade into the top 3. Specifically, the New Orleans Pelicans, Washington Wizards, and Toronto Raptors have been the three teams as possible candidates to pull off the move.

Knowing everything we know about the NBA Draft going in, I don’t think it would be that shocking if one of those three teams ended up moving into the top 3. The Charlotte Hornets have to be open to making a big move with a new owner and we know how desperate the Portland Trail Blazers are in trying to find a star to play next to Damian Lillard.

It would be far from surprising if there was a big trade at the top of the 2023 NBA Draft.