NBA Trade Rumors: Could Warriors surprisingly move Jordan Poole at the NBA Draft?

Golden State Warriors Jordan Poole (Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports)
Golden State Warriors Jordan Poole (Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports) /

NBA Trade Rumors: Could the Golden State Warriors make the surprising move of trading Jordan Poole at the NBA Draft? 

The Golden State Warriors have a long list of items they must take care of or at least address heading into the summer. It’s not as easy as, “Oh, let’s run it back next season.” No, it will be far more difficult than just doing or saying that.

And one of the bigger questions or storylines for the Warriors heading into the start of the offseason revolves around what big moves they may have in store, potentially starting at the NBA Draft.

It’s been reported that the Warriors are “not actively” shopping Poole but that doesn’t mean they wouldn’t be opposed to pulling the trigger if the right deal came across the wire. Especially considering that the team is getting trade calls for Poole.

Are the Golden State Warriors preparing to make a big move?

The Warriors have also been named as a team that could move up in the NBA Draft. They have the 19th overall pick in next week’s NBA Draft and have an eye on moving into the lottery. If the Warriors are looking to make a big jump, there’s a chance Poole would have to be in those conversations.

But, again, we must take the Warriors at their word. At least for now, they don’t appear to be shopping Poole. And that’s probably for the best. He’s coming off a shaky playoff run and it would be foolish for the Warriors to sell low on a 23-year-old supremely talented guard that just came off a regular season averaging 20 points, five assists, and three rebounds per game.

As we inch closer and closer to the NBA Draft, however, you can’t help but wonder if Poole becomes a surprise trade candidate. There are many reasons why the Warriors could trade Poole, especially with the expectation that the team is going to have to sign Klay Thompson and Draymond Green to extremely rich contract extensions.

Getting off of Poole’s contract would make sense, even more so if it allows them to accomplish their desire to move up in the NBA Draft. Still, it would be surprising if this is something the team moved forward with.

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Unless, of course, they got an offer that they simply couldn’t refuse. I’d say the odds of Poole being traded are low, but they’re certainly not zero.