NBA Trade Rumors: Is it Zion Williamson or nothing for the Portland Trail Blazers?

Zion Williamson (Photo by Sean Gardner/Getty Images)
Zion Williamson (Photo by Sean Gardner/Getty Images) /

NBA Trade Rumors: Are the Portland Trail Blazers deciding between Zion Williamson or staying put at No. 3 heading into the NBA Draft? 

Heading into the 2023 NBA Draft, all eyes are squarely on the Portland Trail Blazers. With no mystery surrounding who the San Antonio Spurs will select with the No. 1 overall pick (Victor Wembanyama) and with the Charlotte Hornets seemingly set on taking Brandon Miller with the No. 2 pick, the biggest decision at the top of the NBA Draft falls on the shoulders of the Blazers.

Not only will they dictate how the rest of the draft will unfold but depending on how they decide to operate with the No. 3 pick, their future will undoubtedly be impacted.

From all indications, Damian Lillard wants the Blazers to trade the No. 3 pick (and pieces) for a star. Lillard wants to compete in Portland for a championship. If Portland doesn’t move the pick for a star, there is growing belief around the league that Lillard could demand a trade.

The Portland Trail Blazers are on the clock

Portland has been active in trade discussions to try to appease Lillard but hasn’t landed on an offer of their liking. There is one rumored potential deal that keeps popping up and, at this point, it seems like the most realistic of possibilities for the Blazers if they end up moving the pick.

It’s a trade for Zion Williamson, who reportedly Lillard could be open to playing with. However, as you would expect, there is plenty of risk if the Blazers ended up making such a move. Zion has battled injuries consistently throughout his career and even if Portland would make such a move, there’s no guarantee this combo would even be good enough to crack the top 3 in the Western Conference standings next season, much less compete for a title.

That said, it may be the only realistic offer that could come to fruition on draft night. At least from everything that’s been reported.

As we inch closer and closer to decision time for the Blazers, it seems as if they could end up deciding between Zion or making the selection with the No. 3 overall pick. But it’s not as simple a decision as it seems. The Blazers aren’t just picking between players. This is a decision that could end up impacting this franchise for years to come.

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For better or worse, the next couple of days should be interesting for the Blazers.