3 Potential NBA Draft missteps that are completely undefendable

NBA Draft prospect Jaime Jaquez Jr. (Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports)
NBA Draft prospect Jaime Jaquez Jr. (Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports) /
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The Charlotte Hornets selecting Brandon Miller over Scoot Henderson

In a vacuum, you can make the argument that the Charlotte Hornets had a great draft. And I wouldn’t necessarily push back on that premise. However, there is one decision that the Hornets made on NBA Draft night that should be studied and it will follow them as they enter this new era for the franchise. Charlotte took a big gamble on their scouting ability as they identified Brandon Miller as the better prospect (for them) over Scoot Henderson.

But if Scoot ends up being the better player (and there are many that believe that will end up being the case), this will just be another banner mistake for the franchise. While it’s easy to see why the Hornets would theoretically take Miller over Scoot – with already a loaded backcourt, that premise quickly dies when you consider they took Nick Smith Jr. late in the first round.

This is a move that I genuinely hope works out for the Hornets, but I have a feeling this is a decision they may end up regretting in a few years. Miller doesn’t need to be better than Scoot, he just has to reach All-Star status. The problem with that is, there’s no guarantee that he will.