NBA Trade Rumors: Predicting when – and how – the Damian Lillard saga ends

Damian Lillard (Photo by Amanda Loman/Getty Images)
Damian Lillard (Photo by Amanda Loman/Getty Images) /
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NBA Trade Rumors: Predicting how and when the Damian Lillard trade saga will end. 

Two weeks have passed, roughly, since Damian Lillard demanded a trade away from the Portland Trail Blazers. He also requested that he be traded to the Miami Heat and only them. Since then, though, there has not been much movement on a potential Lillard trade.

Eventually, you’d have to think that something is going to come to fruition. With the Heat being the only team aggressively pursuing Lillard, the belief is that it will eventually happen. When or how it happens is almost impossible to predict.

Is there another move from Damian Lillard coming?

That said, I think the biggest question in the Lillard saga that remains unanswered, at least for now, is whether there’s another posturing move coming from Dame. Will he hold steady on his desire to be traded to the Heat or even in his trade request that he’s made to the Blazers? Just last season, we saw Kevin Durant move off his trade demand before the start of the season. Could we see something similar from Dame?

I don’t think any of that is completely off the table just yet. And the more this situation lingers without a resolution, the more likely it is that there could be another shoe to drop. With what we know now, though, let’s put our thinking cap on and try to predict how and when this possible trade saga with Lillard will eventually end.