Chasing a Ghost: Outlining Chris Paul’s illustrious, yet empty, NBA career

Phoenix Suns Chris Paul (Rob Gray-USA TODAY Sports)
Phoenix Suns Chris Paul (Rob Gray-USA TODAY Sports) /
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After another year of coming short in his quest for championship gold and being dispatched from the Phoenix Suns, it seems set in stone that Chris Paul’s legendary career will wind down without another whiff of the coveted Larry ‘O Brien trophy.

However, the NBA continues to live up to its billing as the land “where amazing happens” as CP3 has ended up in the home of arguably the most vaunted dynasty the NBA has ever seen. It is now a possibility that Paul will win his first championship wearing the uniform of a team that once stood in his way of capturing a championship. It’s poetic irony at its finest.

Though looking back at Paul’s career, you could make a strong case that “poetic irony” defines his career better than almost any other player who has stepped foot onto the hallowed hardwood of the NBA. The tale of Chris Paul’s career is an Odyssey, one that has spanned nearly twenty years and taken him all over the league. With this in mind, let’s take a look at Chris Paul’s storied career.

From his humble beginnings as the young stud of the New Orleans Hornets, to his time leading the charge in Lob City, to being inches away from the chalice that’s alluded him in Phoenix, and beyond.

Read on as we retrace the steps of the game’s greatest guards, and maybe make a guess or two at what the road that lies ahead holds for Chris Paul.