NBA Trade Rumors: Has Heat’s final offer for Damian Lillard been leaked?

Damian Lillard (Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports)
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NBA Trade Rumors: Has the Miami Heat’s final offer for Damian Lillard been leaked? 

The Miami Heat find themselves in a world of trouble. They managed to find a superstar that wants to play for Miami but can’t seem to find the right deal that would get said superstar in a Heat uniform. Less than two months before the start of training camp, the Heat could be on the verge of one of the biggest fumbles in recent history.

The biggest issue is the fact that the Blazers, at least thus far, haven’t been moved all that much by any of the Heat’s assets. If Miami is going to land Lillard, that has to change one way or another.

We’re getting to the point where the Heat must be preparing to make a “final offer” for Lillard before the start of the season. Per a recent report, that “final offer” may already have been leaked.

According to one of the most recent reports (subscription required) surrounding the Lillard saga, the Heat is preparing an offer that includes 3-4 future first-round picks, expiring contracts, second-round picks, draft swaps, and a young player (Jaime Jaquez Jr. or Nikola Jovic).

Both the Heat and Blazers are reportedly on vacation and the hope is that talks between the two teams could take place later this offseason. Perhaps that’s when this offer becomes officially on the table.

The Miami Heat’s final offer

Considering where the Heat stands in terms of assets, if this rumored offer is something that is or will be on the table at some point, that has to be viewed and considered to be the team’s best offer. Objectively, it’s not a terrible offer either. The big question is whether or not the Blazers would be in a position where they’d be willing to accept it.

It was originally reported that the Blazers were looking for 3-4 first-round picks and two quality young players in exchange for Lillard. With this offer, the Heat would be getting pretty close to that asking price. And if there aren’t any other offers close to that out there for Lillard, the Blazers would have two options.

They could either negotiate with the Heat on the parameters of this offer, accept it outright, or take Lillard into training camp and the regular season. But that could open an entirely different can of worms.

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The Blazers have a big decision to make regarding what they want to do next about Lillard. But they still have almost two months before they’re really pressured to pull the trigger one way or another.