Indiana Pacers: Best and worst moves from 2023 NBA offseason

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Taking a closer look at a few of the best and worst offseason moves made by the Indiana Pacers this summer. 

The Indiana Pacers concluded the 2022-23 NBA season 10 games out of the sixth spot in the Eastern Conference. However, they were only five games out of a Play-In Tournament slot. With a few offseason additions and some continued internal development, it’s not that outlandish of an idea to say that the Pacers could make a jump this upcoming season to playoff contention in the East.

With the moves that the Pacers have successfully made this summer, is that the next logical step for the team? There’s no way to know that for certain but it’s clear that the Pacers did improve their roster over the last few weeks.

What’s the next step for the Indiana Pacers?

You can’t help but wonder what is next for the young Pacers. The front office has done a great job to build a strong foundation for this team. Heading into 2023-24, the big question is whether or not this team is ready to take a tangible step forward, one that could potentially open the door toward a pathway to make the playoffs in the Eastern Conference.

If they do end up taking that step forward this upcoming season, you’d have to think that a big part of that is due to the moves that were made this offseason. Let’s take a look back at a few of the best and worst moves that were made by the Pacers this summer.

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