Memphis Grizzlies: Best and worst moves from 2023 NBA offseason

Ja Morant (Photo by Justin Ford/Getty Images)
Ja Morant (Photo by Justin Ford/Getty Images) /
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Taking a closer look at the best and worst moves made by the Memphis Grizzlies this offseason. 

After a first-round NBA Playoff loss at the hands of the Los Angeles Lakers, the Memphis Grizzlies entered the offseason with some big questions to answer. Not only did they need to make tangible upgrades to the roster but they also needed to carve out a new identity while also righting the ship that had fallen off course along the way. Losing to the Lakers in the first round of the playoffs could end up being the blessing in disguise that the Grizzlies needed.

From a talent perspective, the Grizzlies are on par with nearly every other team in the Western Conference (with the exception of the Phoenix Suns; who are clearly head and shoulders above almost every other team in the league). On paper, the Grizzlies should finish as a top 3 seed in the West again. Even more so after the additions the team made during the offseason.

Can the Memphis Grizzlies right the ship after taking a step back?

The Grizzlies will have their hands full in trying to get back on course after a rough end to last season. And it all starts with Ja Morant. After the distraction that he became last year, he’ll have to prove he can still be a consistent face of the franchise for the Grizzlies. He has a lot of rebuilding to do and he’ll have to do so through his play.

If the Grizzlies can survive the first 25 games of the season without Morant (suspension), with the moves made this offseason, there’s a very real chance Memphis could emerge as the second-best team in the West.

Let’s take a look back at some of their best and worst moves of the offseason.