NBA Rumors: Is it inevitable that Donovan Mitchell will end up with Knicks or Nets?

NBA Cleveland Cavaliers Donovan Mitchell (David Richard-USA TODAY Sports)
NBA Cleveland Cavaliers Donovan Mitchell (David Richard-USA TODAY Sports) /
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NBA Rumors: Donovan Mitchell was close to being traded to the New York Knicks last offseason, but is the idea of Mitchell playing in New York completely over? 

After making the splash move for Donovan Mitchell last offseason, the Cleveland Cavaliers had a strong core that put them on the NBA radar. The core of Mitchell, Darius Garland, Evan Mobley, and rim-protecting center Jarrett Allen gave the Cavs a slew of young talent, interior defense, and great guard play.

However, the successful regular season for the Cavs was quickly squandered in the playoffs as Jalen Brunson and the upstart New York Knicks dominated them in the first round of the NBA Playoffs.

Mitchell, who was nearly traded to the Knicks before he was eventually moved to the Cavs, struggled all throughout the series – especially playing on the road in Madison Square Garden.

The Cleveland Cavaliers’ struggles open the door for questions about their future

Looking on the bright side, they were still very young, and this was their first season playing together. Although, as the NBA has taught us, it usually ends quicker than expected.

Mitchell is under contract through 2025. However, rumors are circulating that he has no interest in signing an extension with the Cavs, at least for now. Mitchell may not be as committed to the team as they had hoped, considering the package they gave up for him.

Mitchell is a New York native, and his father has been involved with the New York Mets since 1992. Considering Mitchell’s young age, it seems inevitable he will end up in that market if he decides to leave Cleveland, whether for the Knicks or the Brooklyn Nets.

If such a situation would arise, what is the most likely outcome for Mitchell?