NBA Rumors: Brandon Ingram could be next star to find the trade block?

New Orleans Pelicans (Stephen Lew-USA TODAY Sports)
New Orleans Pelicans (Stephen Lew-USA TODAY Sports) /

NBA Rumors: Could Brandon Ingram be the NBA’s next big-name star to find his way to the trade block?

After the start of the season the New Orleans Pelicans had last year, they’re a team that should probably be garnering more interest in the Western Conference. On paper, they’re one of the more talented players with a deep, young roster. If the Pelicans can remain healthy, they’re certainly a team that could make a jump into the top 4 of the conference.

They proved that, to a certain extent, last season before injuries completely derailed their season. However, there could be one hiccup for their future. According to a recent report, Brandon Ingram doesn’t plan on negotiating a contract extension with the Pelicans this summer. At best, he plans on waiting until next offseason to begin extension talks. With only two years remaining on his contract, that has to be at least somewhat concerning for New Orleans.

The fact that Ingram isn’t ready to sign an extension does not mean that he’s unhappy or could want out. I want that to be clear. But it could be the first sign of that possibility. It may be in the best interest of his financial situation to wait until next offseason to sign an extension. At the same time, it also makes sense from a basketball perspective to see what exactly the Pelicans could be.

Either way, no matter how you break it down, it’s clear that the Pelicans are under pressure to win this upcoming season.

The New Orleans Pelicans are facing a ton of pressure to win this season

The clock is ticking on the Pelicans, Ingram aside. This is a team that has the talent to be dangerous in the West and if they can’t take a big step forward this season you can’t help but wonder if they have the right core and supporting cast in place.

Even if Ingram signed an extension this offseason, there’d be an argument to make that the Pelicans are on the hot seat. Zion Williamson needs to take another stride, as well as Ingram.

Ingram may not be unhappy in New Orleans. But this is generally how it all begins for disgruntled stars. Not to say that Ingram is going to follow past patterns, but it usually starts with not negotiating one offseason and then demanding a trade the next.

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Again, Ingram may be totally happy in New Orleans. That said, that also doesn’t mean they don’t feel added pressure to win at the same time. This should be one intriguing season for the Pelicans, for many different reasons.