NBA Trade Rumors: Is Malcolm Brogdon the next difference-maker on the move?

Boston Celtics Malcolm Brogdon (David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports)
Boston Celtics Malcolm Brogdon (David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports) /

NBA Trade Rumors: Could Malcolm Brogdon be the next Boston Celtics difference-maker on the move? 

The Boston Celtics made a concerted effort this offseason to retool their roster after another disappointing end to their season in the NBA Playoffs. Making the move of the summer so far, the Celtics traded Marcus Smart as part of a three-team trade to acquire Kristaps Porzingis. The hope for the Celtics is that KP will be a key piece in helping get the team over the hump.

If nothing else, it will be an interesting experiment to watch heading into the start of the season. However, the Celtics may not be done tweaking their roster. After trade talks centered around Malcolm Brogdon falling through, it may have left the Celtics with another possible issue that they’ll have to address sooner rather than later.

According to Gary Washburn of the Boston Globe, there’s reason to believe that Brogdon may be upset with his current situation with the Celtics. He is not pleased with how the nixed trade to the Clippers went down and considering he has two guaranteed years remaining on his contract, it could create an uncomfortable situation heading into the season.

The big question is whether anything will come of this. For example, is the relationship at a point where it will prompt the Celtics to trade him or for Brogdon to demand a trade away from the team at some point this season?

Would the Boston Celtics trade another difference-maker?

Trading Smart was surprising enough considering how important he was to the team – both on and off the floor. If this report is accurate that Brogdon is not pleased with how the offseason has gone, you can’t help but wonder if he could emerge as a trade candidate this season.

After all, if Brogdon is upset, there’s a chance it could end up hurting the team morale overall this season. Especially if he gets off to a shaky start or if the team takes time to gel with its new piece.

But would the Celtics trade Brogdon? With the loss of Smart, Brogdon is now arguably the most important backcourt player for the team not named Jaylen Brown.

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Without Brogdon on the roster, with all due respect, the Celtics’ bench is very “meh.” While Brogdon may be upset with the team, it’s probably in the best interest of both sides to try to find a middle ground heading into the season. Either way, he’s a player to keep an eye on heading into the start of the new NBA year.