Breaking down the best all-in offer Chicago Bulls can make for Damian Lillard

Damian Lillard (Jaime Valdez-USA TODAY Sports)
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Could the Chicago Bulls actually make a compelling offer for Damian Lillard? 

As the Portland Trail Blazers truly begin to hold trade talks regarding Damian Lillard, the arrival of non-Miami Heat teams continues to register possible interest in the perennial All-Star. One of the teams that has reportedly had some trade talks with the Blazers is the Chicago Bulls. It was at least a bit surprising to hear the Bulls come up as a team linked to Lillard but considering their desperation for a change, it would’ve been bad management if they didn’t at least explore the possibility.

I’m not sure if the Bulls are serious about an all-out pursuit but at least checking in to inquire about the asking price is just smart business.

Why the Chicago Bulls should pursue Damian Lillard

The Bulls may not emerge as a sensible landing spot for Lillard but this is somewhat of a blueprint move for a team that has been stuck in mediocrity for the past couple of seasons. The Bulls are not entering the season as a contender in the Eastern Conference and they clearly need to shake up their roster.

Making a move for a superstar-level talent would be exactly that. The big question for the Bulls is if acquiring Lillard would make them instantly better. Considering what they’d have to give up, I’m not sure it would. But that’s the biggest hurdle that the Bulls would have to clear internally.

Assuming that this pursuit is worth it, we break down the best potential trade package the Bulls can theoretically offer the Blazers for Lillard.