NBA Trade Rumors: Flurry of teams angling to land Tyler Herro in Lillard deal?

Miami Heat Tyler Herro (Jim Rassol-USA TODAY Sports)
Miami Heat Tyler Herro (Jim Rassol-USA TODAY Sports) /

NBA Trade Rumors: According to a recent report, there is a flurry of teams that are angling to potentially land Tyler Herro in a bigger Damian Lillard deal.

At least for now, it seems as if the Miami Heat is going to be able to acquire Damian Lillard from the Portland Trail Blazers, they’re going to need the help of a third and possibly a fourth team. And even then, there’s no guarantee that’s something the Blazers want to explore.

One player who has been long rumored as a potential candidate that the Heat could use to send to a third or fourth team in order to assemble a better package for the Blazers is Tyler Herro. With the way he’s been talked about this offseason, Herro has emerged as an underrated young player.

In each of the last two seasons, Herro has averaged at least 20 points, five rebounds, and four assists per game on good shooting percentages. He’s a good player who may still be improving and whose stock has completely been altered by his contract. But with the way the salary cap is projected to rise over the next few seasons, his contract won’t be an issue (even if it is one now) for long.

He’s due an average of $30 million per year for each of the next four seasons. That said, there’s still an expected market for the young offensive wizard.

According to a recent report, the Bulls, Charlotte Hornets, Utah Jazz, and Brooklyn Nets are four teams that are willing to help facilitate a bigger Lillard trade by acquiring Herro from Miami.

Could Tyler Herro be the key to the Miami Heat landing Damian Lillard?

If the Blazers are willing to sit down and hammer out a deal with the Heat, these are teams that could help Miami send additional assets in Portland’s direction.

Of course, this may not even matter if the Blazers either refuse to do business with the Heat or believe that they’ve found a better deal elsewhere. However, it does seem like Miami and Portland do have some options if they want to explore a path to find a Lillard resolution together.

Time will tell how this all plays out. Even though it’s beginning to feel as if a deal could be close, nothing seems imminent. However, with the start of training camp around the corner, there’s certainly a sense of urgency that all parties involved have to be operating under.

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So where will Lillard land? There seems to be a good chance we could find out soon.