NBA Trades: Damian Lillard lands with Bucks in blockbuster 3-team deal

Damian Lillard (Rob Gray-USA TODAY Sports)
Damian Lillard (Rob Gray-USA TODAY Sports) /

One of the biggest NBA trades of the offseason has officially been completed. Damian Lillard has been traded to the Milwaukee Bucks

After months of speculation and growing contention, the Damian Lillard saga is officially over.

Lillard originally demanded a trade from the Portland Trail Blazers on July 1. It took nearly three months since that original demand for a deal to finally come to fruition. In a move that surprised nearly everyone, Lillard was traded to the Milwaukee Bucks.

Here is the official deal:

Nevertheless, in the end, there’s an argument to be made that every team involved in this deal got exactly what they wanted. The biggest winner, however, is hands-down the Milwaukee Bucks.

Damian Lillard gets to play with Giannis Antetokounmpo

Despite everything that transpired this offseason after the trade demand, you’d have to imagine that time will heal everything between Lillard and the Blazers organization. There was nothing truly malicious that took place this offseason. Lillard realized that the organization and he were headed in different directions and that if he was ever going to have a chance to compete for an NBA Championship, asking for a trade was something that needed to be done.

In the end, and if may have taken longer than he would’ve liked, Lillard got what he wanted and so did the Blazers. Lillard wanted to play for a contender and that’s exactly what he has after being traded to the Bucks.

Where each team goes from here

You have to love this deal for the Milwaukee Bucks. Just when they were feeling pressure to make a move, partly due to the comments made by Giannis Antetokounmpo, they came around and made a huge move. Not only does the Bucks keep one of their rivals, the Miami Heat, from improving this offseason but they have also just cemented Giannis signing an extension with the team, probably sooner rather than later.

I can’t imagine this is a move that the Bucks make without considering Giannis and ensuring that this is something that will push him in the direction of signing an extension. Especially considering Lillard has four years remaining on his contract.

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The only real question is whether or not this is a move that makes the Bucks prohibitive favorites in the Eastern Conference. On the one hand, you’d have to think so. The duo of Lillard and Giannis have the potential to be the best in the league.