Nuggets coach shoots down Lakers’ strong comments on the defending champs

NBA Mike Malone (John Hefti-USA TODAY Sports)
NBA Mike Malone (John Hefti-USA TODAY Sports) /

Nuggets coach shoots down Los Angeles Lakers’ strong comments on the defending champs. 

Since their matchup in the 2023 Western Conference Finals, the Denver Nuggets and Los Angeles Lakers appear to be at odds with one another.

The most recent evidence to add to this notion comes from how unrepentantly coach Michael Malone rejected paying any attention to Anthony Davis shooting warning shots toward the reigning champs and declared that the Nuggets aren’t concerned if the Lakers have taken it upon themselves to exact revenge after a 4-0 playoff sweep.

"“If they’re still worried about us, that’s on them. This is a new season… new challenge, and it was a hell of a series against them. I know it was a 4-0 sweep, but all of those games seemed like they went down to the wire. As I said after that Game 4, we have tremendous respect for that team. I have tremendous respect for Darvin Ham as a coach and the job that he did,” Malone said. “I don’t listen to any of that stuff. I don’t know what they’re saying. And if we’re on their minds, then I guess that’s on them.”"

Anthony Davis put the Denver Nuggets on notice

Given that the Purple and Gold have added elite players to their roster and are looking like a more formidable team entering the new season, Anthony Davis made it clear that the Purple and Gold, and in particular he and LeBron James, did not like the Nuggets shooting shots at the Lakers in their title parade.

Additionally, AD was quick to say that he cannot wait to square off against the Nuggets as both teams battle it out on the opening night at the Ball Arena.

"“It was just a lot of talking. We get it, y’all won, but me and Bron had some conversations. We can’t wait,” Davis said."

Austin Reaves on putting the Nuggets on notice

Not only ‘The Brow,’ but Austin Reaves made it clear that coach Malone and the Nuggets overestimated their chances of defeating the Lakers in the Western Conference Finals, despite the fact that weeks had passed by the time Denver won the championship against the Miami Heat.

As a result, Reaves stated that the Lakers are eager to ruin the Nuggets’ ring night on October 24.

"“It’s a good opportunity to go rain on their parade. That’s obviously gonna be ring night. Their emotions are gonna be high,” Reaves said. “Malone has said a lot of stuff after the fact. He kept dragging it out on and on, but it’s just a good opportunity for us to go try and make a statement the first game.”"

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