Victor Wembanyama has generational NBA debut with San Antonio Spurs

San Antonio Spurs Victor Wembanyama (Rob Ferguson-USA TODAY Sports)
San Antonio Spurs Victor Wembanyama (Rob Ferguson-USA TODAY Sports) /

Victor Wembanyama lived up to the hype in his NBA pre-season debut with the San Antonio Spurs.

Victor Wembanyama played in two  NBA Summer League Games but his pre-season debut with the San Antonio Spurs was more impressive than anything we’ve seen from him thus far against real NBA competition. After what we saw in Wemby’s first real action on the NBA stage, the San Antonio Spurs have to feel really good about their future.

During his pre-season debut with the Spurs, Wemby finished with 20 points, five rebounds, two steals, and one block on 62 percent shooting from the field and 40 percent shooting from 3-point range in 19 minutes of action.

All in all, he showed impressive abilities on both ends of the floor and proved just how much of an impact he can make on both ends of the floor.

It may be only pre-season and it would probably be unfair to expect Wemby to average 20 points per game in less than 20 minutes per game, it could be a look into the future of what the Spurs have to look forward to.

It’s unlikely that Wemby is going to have the amount of usage to average one point per minute, especially during his rookie season but, at the same rate, if he’s going to be the player that many believe he can be, it would not be all that surprising to see performances like this in spurts this season.

How will the San Antonio Spurs manage Victor Wembanyama’s rookie season?

If Wemby is going to be successful during his rookie season, a big part of that revolves around the Spurs putting him in the best decision to succeed. With Gregg Popovich leading the charge in San Antonio still, you have to trust this organization that they’re going to play is smart – and possibly slow – when it comes to Wemby heading into his rookie season.

At 7-foot-4, Wemby has already begun to do things that no other true 7-footer has been able to do in the history of the league. And he’s still just scratching the surface of the player he can be.

The scary part of Wemby’s game is not only that he’s still improving as a player, but also the fact that he’s going to be learning from arguably the greatest coach to ever walk the NBA hardwood.

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The hype surrounding Wemby heading into the start of the season is real. And, at least for one pre-season game, he more than lived up to it. And there’s a good chance that he’s just getting started.