Cleveland Cavaliers: 3 Reasons Donovan Mitchell will demand a trade after this season

NBA Cleveland Cavaliers Donovan Mitchell (Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images)
NBA Cleveland Cavaliers Donovan Mitchell (Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images) /
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Heading into the start of the season, we explore three reasons why Donovan Mitchell will end up demanding a trade away from the Cleveland Cavaliers next.

The Cleveland Cavaliers made one of the boldest moves during the 2022 NBA offseason when they acquired Donovan Mitchell from the Utah Jazz. In a blockbuster deal, the Cavs went all-in on an emerging superstar in hopes that he would lead the franchise into their next era of success.

And through one season, there’s reason for optimism. But after it was reported that Mitchell would not sign an extension with the team this summer, which probably makes sense financially, questions about his future have begun to arise.

While most of these are natural questions, there is some merit to the idea that Mitchell could be eyeing his exit from Cleveland. Whether those theories end up being true or not will likely depend on how this season plays out for the Cavs.

How much of a step forward will the Cleveland Cavaliers make this season?

How much of an improvement will the Cavs make this season? After ending last season on a sour note, if the Cavs are going to sell Mitchell on a future in Cleveland, you’d have to imagine that they’d have to take a pretty big step forward in the Eastern Conference.

The question is, can the Cavs take such a big step forward that it would move Mitchell off the idea of exploring his options and potential free agency?

As much as I’d want to believe in that, I simply can’t. That’s why, days before the start of the 2023-24 NBA regular season, I predict Mitchell is preparing for his final season with the Cleveland Cavaliers. In other words, I believe he will demand a trade after this season. Let’s explore three big reasons why.