NBA: Power ranking top 10 teams heading into opening night

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8. Golden State Warriors

The Golden State Warriors have been a dominant force in the NBA for years, and they look poised to continue their success this season. With Stephen Curry playing at an MVP level, Klay Thompson focusing on more than just shooting (amid his concerns about his future), and the potential emergence of Jonathan Kuminga, the Warriors have a strong foundation.

However, injuries and defensive depth remain concerns. Draymond Green’s absence at the start of the season leaves a void in the team’s defense. Nonetheless, the Warriors are expected to improve upon their 44-win season from last year.

7. Sacramento Kings

The Sacramento Kings surprised many last season with their impressive performances. However, some experts predict a potential decline due to various factors. The Kings enjoyed good health last season, which may be challenging to replicate. Their success in clutch situations, largely thanks to De’Aaron Fox, may also be difficult to maintain.

Furthermore, the overall improvement of the Western Conference poses a challenge for the Kings. Nonetheless, the Kings have a well-acclimated roster and a solid offensive system, which could help them secure a playoff spot.