NBA: A way-too-early look at the superstars that will define the MVP race

Mandatory Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports /
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While the season has only just begun, it is never too early to talk about the MVP race!

We are finally underway with the 2023-24 NBA season! Hallelujah!!!

With an entire season ahead of us, it is going to be an exciting time to watch NBA basketball. So many teams have improved over the course of the NBA offseason.

With blockbuster trades sending superstars from one team to another, it is anyone’s guess who could be an MVP candidate this season. Will we see familiar MVP candidates staking their claim once more? Or will a new face emerge from nowhere and plant his flag at the summit of the NBA hierarchy?

A way-too-early look at the NBA MVP race

Over the last number of years, it seems that the MVP race has gotten tighter and tighter with it being almost impossible to call from year to year.

As the season progresses, the debate surrounding the next NBA MVP will intensify, generating anticipation and excitement among fans and experts alike.

With so many other world talents across the NBA, it is hard to just create a list with just five but I’ll try my best.