NBA Trade Rumors: 2 Star trade candidates linked to Philadelphia 76ers

Philadelphia 76ers head coach Nick Nurse (Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports)
Philadelphia 76ers head coach Nick Nurse (Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports) /

NBA Trade Rumors: 2 star trade candidates are already being linked to the Philadelphia 76ers. 

Nearly four months after the initial trade demand, the Philadelphia 76ers officially traded James Harden to the LA Clippers. Looking at the final deal, it will be viewed as a win-win proposition for both sides. Both teams stuck to their guns and gained something valuable at their price point. It’s rare that you see win-win trades in the NBA, but this certainly has the potential to be one of those.

But now that Harden is officially off the team, the real work begins for the Sixers. All indications point to a potential next move for the Sixers. According to a recent report, two potential trade candidates that could be on the Sixers’ radar heading into the NBA Trade Deadline are Toronto Raptors two-way star OG Anunoby and Chicago Bulls guard Zach LaVine.

With added assets, thanks to the return for Harden, Sixers general manager Daryl Morey may have another big move up his sleeve. The question is, can he get the job done and at what point will he decide to pull the trigger?

Will the Philadelphia 76ers make a big move at the NBA Trade Deadline?

I think there’s a fairly good chance that the Sixers will at least attempt to make a big move at the trade deadline. Now that they have assets to work with, it would be dubious for them to not at least explore the possibility of adding another star player leading up to the push toward the playoffs.

Of course, the big question revolves around whether or not there’s going to be a star that hits the trade market. There aren’t generally many star trades that take place in-season but Anunoby and LaVine could fit the circumstance.

By the time the trade deadline rolls around, the Bulls could be looking to retool their roster by hitting the soft reset button. And LaVine has already quietly shopped this past offseason. The same could be said about the Raptors who have some of their own identity questions.

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The Sixers will have some flexibility heading into the trade deadline. And if they want to sell Joel Embiid on the future, they’re almost in a position where they have to make some type of move before the start of the playoffs. I suppose it comes down to whether the Sixers make the big blockbuster move that perhaps many believe they can pull off.